Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Change of plans

photo-54_1Alec went to the cabin alone, which is just as well because his truck went off the road and he spent a half an hour digging it out until a state snowplow truck came by and pulled him out. Later, when he arrived at the cabin, the front door was blown open and the place was full of snow. Alec, who relayed all of this by cell phone, said he had to carry the dogs inside otherwise they would have been blown away by the high winds. Admittedly, he exaggerates but the weather is bad enough that he’s coming home in the morning.

I spent the day resting, eating and playing with Jade, who occupied herself mistreating her new doll, pushing around the dining room chairs and screaming. It’s one below outside and I can hear the wind whipping the house. I am watching public tv and it’s awful. The talk shows are still deconstructing the presidential election. My other choices are “Dr. Phil” and crime drama re-runs. I should be writing my own crime drama story, but work does not appeal to me just now. Maybe I can find something to read.


One comment on “Change of plans

  1. Great Aunt Jan
    January 4, 2009


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