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Spending my Christmas bonus

Miserable is the only adequate word to describe the experience of clothes shopping with a one-year-old. I am sure the more seasoned mothers out there already know this, but I am a rookie so I learn a lot of things by trial and error. A couple of days before Christmas, I brought Jade with me on a hunt for a new blouse to wear to holiday parties.

The first department store had no carts so I carried Jade, who grabbed at any garment near her, pulling several off of their racks. I think I half thought that some nice sales lady might volunteer to occupy the baby while I leisurely looked around. Fat chance. When they saw me, they practically ran the other way. I put Jade down near a pile of jeans, which I had hoped would hold her interest while I checked out some bohemian shirts. Soon enough, she took off, the legs of a pair of jeans trailing behind her. I finally chose a few blouses to try on, carrying the blouses with one arm and Jade with the other.

When I saw the changing rooms, my heart sank. They were the sort that have a one-foot gap between the wall and the floor. The bathrooms at my office are the same way so I knew from experience that Jade would crawl out from under the changing room stall and try to escape.

I left the store and went on to store No. 2. Like a gift, this store had carts. But Jade still managed to reach the merchandise so I had to work the edges. Here’s uglyblouse what I wound up with. Between this blouse and my hair, which totally frizzed out, the pictures are awful. And I do look bloated. Having the flu did not make me svelte.

So I am entering the world of Internet shopping. It’s risky purchasing clothing that I haven’t tried on. When I am department store shopping, about a quarter of the garments I try on actually look OK. But I feel I have no other choice. It’s getting harder and harder to find something in my closet that I feel like wearing. Last night, I pulled two Hefty bags of clothing out of my closet. If I haven’t worn it more than once during the last year, it’s going to the Salvation Army. With the exception of my long red suede skirt. It’s uncomfortable but I just can’t part with it.

Here’s some of the new additions, purchased online yesterday:
I chose this in brown and orange, my favorite color.

I hope this doesn’t wind up looking like a muumuu. I got it in brown.

I like how the fabric gathers around the waist.

I like the sleeves on this T-shirt. We’ll see if the bow in front works for me.

This seems like a soft, lovely shirt.

I got this in black. It’s hard to see in this picture, but it has ruffles down the front.


One comment on “Spending my Christmas bonus

  1. G
    January 13, 2009

    the other problem with internet shopping can be once you finally find stuff that fits right / looks right you keep going back & lose variety. remember to take chances!!!

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