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A letter from Jade to her friend who is in Mexico for the winter

dearcedarDear Cedar,

It’s minus 21 degrees right now. Mom hasn’t taken me outside since before Christmas. Dad says she’s grumpy far too often, and maybe she is. It’s pretty dark these days. But she still plays with me. The best is when she sits me on her lap and bounces up and down on the exercise ball. I could do that all day long.

Arthur says “hi” and to tell you that he is finally crawling. His mom wears him on her back now like my mom wears me and your mom wore you before you left. We meet up with Arthur and Mrs. Duffy every week at the Big Dipper ice arena for walking. Arthur and I like to watch people skate, and Arthur especially enjoys watching the Zamboni. I fall asleep but Arthur thinks he’ll miss something good so he stays awake.

We have a new friend. His name is Alek. He has a big head and light blonde hair. Sometimes, he lets me steal his sippy cup. His mom pushes him in a stroller because she is too tiny and Alek is too big for her to wear him on her back.

Oh, another thing about Arthur. He is always eating.

Remember those two rattail-like strands of hair that hung behind my ears? Dad cut them off a few days ago in my first official haircut. Mom put them in a little plastic bag, which she put in my blue box where she keeps special things. I look more like a boy now. People are always mistaking me for a boy, even when I am wearing pink. Mom says it’s because I exude confidence and look people square in the eye. People assume those are boy qualities.

I like to play in my bedroom with the door closed. Mom is always accusing me of sneaking in a boy. It’s fun to close doors, don’t you think?

Hey, can you watch commercials for the Mattress Ranch down in Mexico? If not, that’s a bummer. They are the best thing on tv. I like watching the funny-looking old man dance around like a fool.

I still play with my jack-in-the-box, in case you were wondering. Mom wants me to use the crank to make the clown jump out, but I like to use the little plastic release latch. It’s much simpler and quicker.

My grandma is coming to live at my house in April while my mom and dad are in Nepal. Mom says she already misses me. Dad will be gone for two whole months while he tries to climb the tallest mountain in the world. He is always putting on snowshoes and a big coat and going outside lately. When he comes home, he looks funny. Mom says he’s frosty.

Santa brought me lots of fun stuff. And a package came recently with blocks that have pictures of animals that make noises when you put together to right head with the right butt. Mom has to help me with that. It’s hard.

I have to go to bed now. Happy New Year!

Jade Kristine Turner, age 1


One comment on “A letter from Jade to her friend who is in Mexico for the winter

  1. Madge
    January 2, 2009

    Holy cow, that kid is almost as good of a writer as her mother. And at only one-year-old to boot. That’s an awesome, cozy bit of writing….

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