Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

My town is now reportedly the No. 2 coldest place on earth

moo-owI am kicking myself for not being nicer to our neighbor, a snow bird who owns a condo in Maui. It’s the second week of the bitter cold in Alaska’s Interior. Temperatures in Fairbanks hover around 45 below zero. They are calling for a warm-up this weekend, but these days 25 below zero is what passes for a much-anticipated break in the weather.

I can hear the wind as I type this. Alec is across the room clickety clacking on his own laptop. Earlier, we were sending each other messages on Facebook even though we are in the same room. We are worse than two teenagers sitting beside each other on a couch texting each other. We probably would except I don’t know how to text.

Frost and ice are suffocating the man door in our garage and small ice dams have developed on some of the upstairs windows. I wore my Beaver mittens to work today even though I was outside for no longer than a minute. I almost bid on a fox fur coat on eBay.


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