Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Little diva

Some weeks ago, I filled a couple of Hefty bags with clothes I never wear, including this scarf, which Jade, who was helping me, claimed for herself.

It’s sort of her blankie. She is usually seen running around with it, and I try to remember to grab it when we leave the house.

Jade is interested in any object that she sees her mom and dad use. My purse is a favorite. If the strap is close to the edge of a table, she will pull down the purse so that she can dig around and find the treasures inside. The habit has somehow expanded to all purses. The downside is that it seems women do not like strange children digging around in their handbags. The upside is that if Alec and I turn to a life of crime, Jade is halfway there.


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