Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Moose: 0, Volkswagen: 1

MURPHY DOME—A small Volkswagen pickup hit a moose Saturday morning near Spinach Creek, Alaska, shattering the truck’s windshield and bending the roof.

The driver was unharmed, but the animal was shot by a passerby. Its carcass lay on the side of the road as we headed to Sam’s Club.

The driver was preparing to leave the scene when we stopped to offer help. The man said the moose ran out of the woods in front of him before he could stop.

“It almost landed right in the dude’s front seat,” Alec said.

The moose died in the same general area where I’ve seen a moose hanging around. One recent night, when the ice fog was thick, I jammed on my brakes to avoid hitting a moose—maybe this one.

Despite the temperature of 20-below zero, the man drove off in the windshieldless Volkswagen, which emitted a foul smell. The man said the car smelled before he hit the moose.

Further on Murphy Dome Road, we came upon the man, who appeared to have pulled over to warm up.

Later, as we returned home, we saw a half dozen men in a van had stopped to salvage the moose meat.

Until the next snowfall, there will be a big red spot on the road that acts as a reminder of this majestic animal and its violent, untimely death.



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