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Hello sun

I love my days off when I can watch the sun come up from behind Ester Dome. Maybe it’s because I live far from the city that I permit myself to feel like there’s nothing more important than drinking my morning coffee and gazing out the window.

Here’s the quick and dirty goings on here on the dome: Business at Alaskan Granite is picking up markedly. Alec seems to come home every other night saying, “I sold a $12,000 kitchen and two headstones.” It sounds like the company is solvent through the rest of winter, which is a relief.

Speaking of Alec, the ultimate fighters stopped training, leaving him in a lurch so he joined the Alaska Club. We have a family membership, and they have daycare so I can train too. The guide for the Nepal trip sent a brief description of the trek. I will be walking up to five hours a day. More on that in an upcoming post.

Alec has really taken to the idea of trying for baby No. 2 this summer. If he summits Everest, guess what he wants to name the kid? You got it. I guess we’d call her Eve if it’s a girl.

One more thing about Alec, he recently quit a long-time bad habit and continues to have success. Amazing how he stopped one day and was done with it just like that.

Jade, who fought our efforts to set boundaries during the months of November and December, and then was a perfect angel during January, is back to her old ways. She’s figured a way around the tabs her dad installed to keep her out of the kitchen drawers.

Neither chastising nor timeouts seem to work. This morning, I got down to her level, grabbed her little hands, looked her in the eye and with a stern voice told her that she was not to go in the drawers. While maintaining eye contact with me, she reached her little hand over and opened a drawer. The only reason I did not spank her is because I was angry.

I can justify a spanking (I am going to be honest. I want to spank this child.) because there’s a safety issue. What if she were to pull out a Hefty bag and slip it over her head? It can happen. Just today, she managed to get her head stuck in the sleeve of one of her dad’s shirts. But I hate to spank her while angry. And most of the books about childrearing suggest against it. They say the best thing to do is to teach her how to be good and reinforce good behavior with praise. My question is: how am I supposed to teach her how to be good when I am washing the flipping dishes? And please no comments suggesting that I bring out a toy for her to play with. She knows full well that anything in those kitchen drawers is much more interesting than her toys, which she can play with anytime.

Discipline aside, no words yet even though I swear I’ve heard her say “Amanda” twice in the midst of her usual babble. Oh, and she tries to put her fingers in my nose. She climbs like a little monkey. Also, every night when I tell her to kiss her papa goodnight before tucking her into bed, she manages to make it to Alec without being distracted by a dog or a toy. Her dad is in heaven, of course.

As for me, there is work and family and finding time to train and not much else, although Facebook has become a major distraction. More on that too in a separate post.


One comment on “Hello sun

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    February 5, 2009

    LOVE! this post, and all of you.
    Please, convince her she must behave while I’m there.
    Six weeks and counting.
    Can Jade and I go to the Alaska Club while you two are climbing?
    That would be heaven, and probably good respite.
    Much love,

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