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Bad news coming out of Nepal

The latest headlines out of Nepal are making me nervous:
Government asked to look into attacks on journalists
Hundreds of press freedom violations in 2008
Rebels loot police post, kill one officer
Some predict second civil war

To make matters worse, an election will take place in April during my trek. If the Nepalese are anything like Americans, the run-up to the election will be ugly.

The lead guide for the trip said in a recent e-mail that he had a frustrating time recently while traveling in the country to prepare for this trip. Specifically, he mentioned power rationing, an overloaded telephone system, no reliable water supply, a five-hour wait to buy gasoline and the unstable government. He said to be prepared for these hardships but not to worry, the trip will still be fun.

I read in the “terms” part of the expedition agreement that members need permission from the guiding service to blog. I wonder if censorship will be an issue. If that’s the case, I’ll do my best to use euphemisms. I lose my desire to write if I can’t say what’s going on.


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