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Yoga, my dad, the federal bailout, eating off the floor and Nepal

I attended a yoga class today. I loved it until the instructor said to hold still while in plank, which is the up position of a push-up. After awhile, plank makes my arms shake, my toes hurt and my neck stiff. I soldiered on to the end of the class and kept my twice weekly walking date a couple of hours later. My walking partner recently suggested we hike up and down stairs during the walks, which take place at a hockey arena. It’s a good workout but I quit about 15 minutes early today owing to tired muscles from yoga. My appetite is ravenous and this evening I am reduced to snacking on cookie dough after polishing off all of the ice cream in the house last night.

My dad called and it was a pleasant surprise. Unseasonably warm weather has hit Milwaukee, and dad said he’s had his motorcycle out. We talked about the federal bailout, which is a common topic in my household. Alec practically comes unglued after hearing news stories describing corporate executives enjoying lavish retreats at ritzy resorts or the executive who reportedly had his office refurbished, spending more than $1 million, including $35,000 on a toilet and $87,000 on a rug, while watching his company flounder. According to, this executive used the same interior decorator as the new president, who is spending $100,000 re-doing the White House.

Is it mean to bake cookies after the baby goes to bed? The cookie dough is only so-so, so I popped it in the oven. The package says the dough is the best-selling cookie dough in America. I don’t feel too bad about saving the cookies for after Jade’s bedtime. She managed to yard a bag of Cheetos out of the snack drawer. She dumped them on the floor and ate every crumb.

One of the reasons dad called is because he’s worried about our April trip to Nepal. Why are we going to a Third World country where there’s political unrest? For fun, I said. I reassured him that the guides know what they are doing and have guided trips during conditions as chaotic as a civil war.

Truth be told, I am nervous about the trip. I saw in the headlines today that a close aide to the Nepalese prime minister was shot in the leg, presumably by the political opposition. What’s more, elections take place on April 10, which is less than a year after communist party guerrillas won control of the government. If the elections go badly, we could be stuck in the middle.

Alec says he’s not worried because their beef is with each other, not westerners. I wonder whether it’s that simple.


2 comments on “Yoga, my dad, the federal bailout, eating off the floor and Nepal

  1. g
    February 11, 2009

    i bet it’ll be fine … if it were a muslim country it may be different. places like bali (indonesia) and even the phillipines have tourists geting blown up in the name of ali. it appears in nepal it’s the people vs the government. i think alec is right, no one is attacking westerners there to make a point, they’re fighting each other. you’re gonna have an experience of a life time!!!

  2. mountainrunner
    February 12, 2009

    I haven’t seen you in forever, but when Adam saw you in Home Depot, he told me that you looked really good. All the walking and preps for your trip to Nepal must be making a difference in your ‘ol physique. Maybe I need to join you for those rounds at the Big Dipper! I’ve got some extra hunks to shed!:)

    miss you…

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