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A journalist observes life in the far north.

Sex, taxes and summer dreams

seedsWe ran a channel scan on the Philips and now we have five new channels, owing to the digital tv changeover I believe. One of the new channels is a network called CW, which broadcasts “Sex & the City” re-runs. I and my roommates turned on HBO most Sundays a few years ago to catch this show. I missed some random episodes and I’ve been filling in the blanks lately. Alec disapproves of the characters, four sexually active, savvy
New York babes. I like their dreamy lives. They’re skinny. They always look hot and they rarely work.

Apropos of nothing, I am skipping a jaunt to the cabin this weekend to take Lucky to a folk festival, to shop for the Nepal trek and to do my taxes, not necessarily in that order. I am hopeful Uncle Sam is easy on me because I want to paint the outside of the rental property. I bought the place with baby blue paint that’s peeling.

I was the beneficiary today of 17 packets of vegetable and flower seeds, and it’s got me thinking about summer, which seems awfully far away when it’s 13 degrees below zero right now. Mostly, I wonder if I will have a strawberry patch this summer. I was pregnant when I planted the first strawberry plant. It’s tentacles have reached in every direction, sprouting new plants. I remember thinking about picking fresh strawberries to slice and scatter over my baby’s waffles. Maybe it will happen this summer.

Alec just said it’s 80 degrees in Kathmandu, which is 12 hours ahead of Alaska. The forecast is for temperatures in the 70s the rest of the week. On Murphy Dome, weather watchers say we are due for an epic snow storm tomorrow (Wednesday) night.


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