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Tentacles of bad Asian economy hit Murphy Dome

Alec has been on the phone with Singapore Airlines for hours. Our flights to Kathmandu were canceled. He’s trying to negotiate a new itinerary. They keep insisting on a 34-hour layover in Singapore. That won’t do because we also have to catch a plane (our fifth!!!) from Kathmandu to the base of the Himalayas.

I just priced flights from San Francisco to Kathmandu, to see how much new tickets would cost. It would cost us $10,000, more than twice as much as the tickets we purchased in December.

Alec is on hold.

Singapore Airlines is in financial trouble because fewer people are flying in Asia owing to the global recession, I read on the International Herald Tribune Web site.

I feel like every new offer put forward by the airline is worse than the last.

The lady is back on the line. From the tone of Alec’s voice, I suspect it’s a battle of wills.


One comment on “Tentacles of bad Asian economy hit Murphy Dome

  1. Helena
    March 19, 2009

    Both of you . . .

    Keep your eyes on the prize . . .

    You’ll get there.

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