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The Nepal trek

The Bottle Washing Fairy is making her famous carrot cake at her son’s request, while Jade supervises. Alec went to work for a few hours before the going away reception this afternoon.

I sit here thinking about stuffing my 40-below sleeping bag into a tiny compression sack or going out for a hike. It’s 12 degrees but gusting. I don’t want to deal with the wind.

I want to share a link to an L.A. Times story about a Nepal trek. My friend in Cambodia turned me on to this story. The writer did what I think is the same trek I am doing but 20 or 30 years ago and then returned last year.

Two days ago, a call came from a publicist in Costa Rica. An offshore online gambling company wants to sponsor Alec. He’s flattered, and I think he’ll accept the sponsorship. In exchange for a sizable check, Alec will have to make a bet from Everest’s peak, I think.

The matter of the canceled flight is settled and not to our advantage. We are spending a day and a half in Singapore. Alec’s friend in San Francisco said we should be careful because they’ll throw you in jail for any little thing over there.


2 comments on “The Nepal trek

  1. greg
    March 22, 2009

    singapore does not throw u in jail. if they were like that i’d still be in prison!! if i can make it 4 weeks of living in a hotel & being left to my own devices then i think you can make it a day and a half. i know some good reasonable hotels in decent ares … try the Novotel at clark quay for starters. there’s also a nice european hotel in that same area for under $100 a night.

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