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I’m at a private villa and the temp is in the 70s

We are at our friend Ramin’s villa (I thought we had pulled up to a hotel) after arriving in San Francisco a few hours ago. They put me and Alec on separate flights from Seattle and somehow I was assigned a seat in First Class, which I admit negated any disappointment of being separated from Alec. The flight attendant called me Ms. Bohman and served me a cheese plate.

I have a picture of me in First Class and of the cheese plate but I’m using Alec’s laptop and I’m having trouble uploading pictures to WordPress.

I think we are going out for Persian food tonight and maybe driving up Mount Diablo, which is behind the villa. Ramin says it offers the second most complete panoramic view on the planet. The first is reportedly Kilimanjaro in Africa.

When I leave Alaska, I feel like I have gone from a special place to civilization, but being at Ramin’s villa today, I feel like I have gone from a special place to another special place. I just hope he doesn’t smell me feet, which are pretty ripe after wearing trekking boots for 16 hours.

I am in the guest bedroom typing this post and Alec is in the dining room talking with Ramin and his sister. I think I will re-join the party. I wonder what I did with my beer.


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