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Sunday morning and getting better

I joined the boys, the Irishman and the Dutchman, for a cheap ($25 for 90 minutes) massage yesterday. I choked down a salad for lunch afterward, and I have been slowly recovering since.

I am feeling anxious to get home to Lucky. Last night, the dinner conversation somehow turned to capital punishment. It was a lively discussion although no one seemed to favor the death penalty. I made the comment that it doesn’t matter what the state does because anyone who hurts a hair on the head of my little girl, I will take out my own revenge. Then suddenly I felt frantic to get home.

Chulding, a Himex representative in Kathmandu, took my passport and itinerary and promised to look into getting me out of here sooner than late Monday night. But I haven’t heard from him since yesterday.

It’s muggy here today. The lobby is filling up with people coming down for breakfast. Some of my fellow trekkers are considering a second massage today because the price is so cheap.

I miss Alec and although I will swim across the Pacific Ocean if that’s what it takes to get home to my baby, I am also leary of leaving Alec behind in a foreign country.

I was surprised by the tears and emotions when we said good-bye. I have left Alec twice in Talkeetna to climb Denali and I figured I would be OK. I’m not. Sagarmatha (Everest) is too far away from home.


One comment on “Sunday morning and getting better

  1. Christi
    April 20, 2009

    I’m not bragging or anything but on average, I would say Cambodian massages are between $7-10 for an hour. I’m just saying is all.

    Have a safe trip back to Alaska!

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