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10 Things I’ll miss about Nepal

1) Narrow streets.
2) The easy life: eat, walk, sleep.
3) The greeting, “Namaste.”
4) Dal bhat, a lentils and rice dish.
5) BBC World News.
6) Dawa.
7) The ringing bells of a yak train.
8 ) A warm wash cloth brought to me first thing in the a.m.
9) Women in saris.
10) The salute from the Hotel Tibet security guard.

2 comments on “10 Things I’ll miss about Nepal

  1. Helena
    April 22, 2009

    Amandie . . . when are you coming home . . . ?

  2. Lisa
    April 22, 2009

    Well, you know, I can help you with some of those things. 🙂 I can make a mean Dal (at least in the Indian tradition, which may or may not be the same), I also own a Sari, and know the meaning of “Namaste” (also “Shanti” and “Om”, but that’s just bragging! :-)) And the reason I say I can help you is *drumroll please*: I am moving back to AK in the summer (to finish at UAF)!!! Ta-da! :-9 We should have an Indo-Asian night, with Dal and saris, and pictures!! Wouldn’t that be fun??

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