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Alec touched the top of the world

Alec reached the top of Mt. Everest at 5:48 p.m. Friday in Alaska, which was 7:33 a.m. Saturday in Nepal.

He was exhausted with frost bitten cheeks but he sounded excited over the satellite phone from Camp 4.

There was some Sherpa swapping and Alec wound up with a new guy on summit day. He said they marched past about 30 climbers. He was the sixth on the summit.

A Discovery Channel camera was on him the whole time. I hope he was wearing his beaver mitts.

Gnarly winds turned some climbers back from the summit, he said.

“It was blowing about 40 and cloudy,” Alec said. “I got a few photos. It was beautiful. I was on top of the world. It was the best feeling in my life other than having a baby.”

Alec said he planned to rest at Camp 4, at 26,000 feet, and then descend to Camp 2. He estimated reaching there late tomorrow night.


One comment on “Alec touched the top of the world

  1. Paige Jennifer
    May 31, 2009

    Fantastic and congratulations!

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