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A blessing and a curse

In Alec’s absence, I used his side of the bed as a wardrobe catchall, mostly because I am too lazy to put away my clothes.

I have actually wondered how much it would cost to hire someone to put away my clothes and would they mind sweeping the floor too?

The mound beside me on this bed has grown quite large and it came to seem reassuring. It’s unnerving having open space beside you where there should be a man. So I slept with my green Banana Republic polyester coat, my purple corduroys, an Old Navy jacket, jeans shorts, blouses, slacks, T-shirts etc.

As I type this, Alec is sitting in the Beijing airport, killing time before catching a flight to San Francisco. He arrives stateside at noon Wednesday and he’ll see about getting to Alaska. Maybe he’ll be home as soon as Thursday.

I know I should do something about this giant mound of clothes. For one, I don’t want Alec to get a good sense of the size of my wardrobe because I buy clothes all the time. So far I’ve managed to keep it discreet.

I’m a bit nervous about Alec’s homecoming. In a Facebook chat, I asked him: Is he the same man? Will things go back to normal here on Murphy Dome?

Yes and yes, he answered.


4 comments on “A blessing and a curse

  1. Helena
    June 3, 2009

    Amanda, sweetie, take the day off from work and go clean your room!

    Your man’s coming home!

    I’m sure he’d appreciate not having to compete with your jacket, pants, t-shirts, blouses, etc., just to get a good snooze. Then again, I’m sure neither of you would have a problem just throwing everything off the bed. Everything, besides yourselves.

    You are Penelope, and your Ulysses is finally coming home to you. How romantic! Unhung wardrobe be damned.

  2. Bottle Washing Fairy
    June 3, 2009

    I’m so glad to hear he is finally on his way home!

  3. Paige Jennifer
    June 3, 2009

    If I were still eight years old, I’d suggest shoving the pile under the bed and praying he doesn’t look.

  4. Great Aunt Jan
    June 15, 2009

    My husband found out just how many clothes I have when the sound of splitting wood revieled that not only had the bar for my clothes come down the shelf with the extra sweaters and stuff also fell. No way I could fix that. It did get me motovated to make a thrift store bag. Edith helped and I found a $100.00 bill in the pocket of on of the things I was about to give away. Dalton was able to re attache the shelf and bar. GAJ

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