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Never too early

Jade likes standing on a stool and helping with the dishes, which is to say she bangs things around and tries drinking sudsy water.

She is fascinated by any objects mom and dad use. She often looks at my hands to check out what I am carrying.

She has five words, hi, eat, baby, juice and poop, which is my favorite.

She must have her food served on a plate or in a bowl or she’ll howl.

She climbs.

Her home daycare is closing and Tuesday I’ll tour some big daycare centers. I’m not sure she’s ready. Or maybe I’m not ready.

It’s morning and Alec is snacking on Doritos while Jade sits in her high chair—cereal, banana and toast on the tray. Jade is mad because she wants Doritos too.


One comment on “Never too early

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    June 7, 2009

    Thank you.
    I’m pretty sure she uses “hot” and “dog” (they sound the same) and “block”, unless it was “box” for those block/box toys (sounds alot like hot and dog) and some other words. Just yesterday I tossed out the list I made when I was there.
    missing you all terribly much

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