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Fire meeting

Community meeting about the wildfire near my house.

Community meeting about the wildfire near my house.

A rough outline of the fire on a map shows it’s shaped like a buffalo with its butt facing my neighborhood five miles away.

I got the map at a community meeting, where I also learned some good news. Winds this weekend will be light.

There’s bad news too. My house will be downwind from the fire.

Still, three hills stand between my neighborhood and the blaze, acting as a kind of natural barrier.

At the start of the meeting, which was packed and had to be moved to a soccer field, they did a lot of describing who was who among the government workers. Someone from the audience yelled, “I don’t mean to be rude, but can you talk about the fire?”

They got down to business.

It’s anyone’s guess what the fire will do, they said, but they are gaining ground while it rains. The temperatures will rise, they think. Homeowners would be wise to thin the forest near their houses.

Finally, if they call for evacuations, don’t dilly-dally, they advised.

Earlier, I made my daily drive to the top of the dome to check for fire activity. I bumped into a mid-level-manager type who mentioned the possibility of escorting me closer for pictures.


One comment on “Fire meeting

  1. 'Nanne
    August 8, 2009

    Yikes — that close! And here I have been looking at the weather reports of rain this coming week and thinking maybe I can stay a bit longer with my kids and grandkids, who need major assistance, without terrible damage to my newly planted shrubs.

    Poor Edith and the elk! I will need to overcome my antipathy for written communication and write to her about our misfortunes. Is she coming up any time soon?



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