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Moose hunt and other drama

Alec returned last night from a moose hunt with his dad. They shot no moose but he brought home this image, taken at a secret hunting location off the Denali Highway near the Alaska Range. The location is so secret that I am not meant to know where it is because I am a well-known blabber mouth.

The Turner men shot a moose in 2007 but have come up short the last two years. Alec says some people at a nearby camp shot a fine-looking bull the day before Alec and his dad arrived. They delayed their hunt a few days to avoid a rain storm.

I heard Alec on the phone telling the story of the hunt. The way he sees it, the other people shot his moose.

Lucky and I had some excitement while Alec was gone. I was visiting a friend in town on Thursday. I was standing about 10 feet away from the baby when she abruptly started to scream. I looked over and saw an over-turned jar on the ground beside her. I grabbed the jar and smelled it. There was gasoline inside and Lucky managed to drink some. We all panicked, called 911 and Lucky and I took an ambulance to the hospital for our first-ever visit to the Emergency Room.

There was a 3 percent chance Lucky would contract chemical pneumonia so they took a chest X-ray and we waited for six hours, until 2 a.m., to see if she would get sick. Then we came home. She’s fine but I’m still a bit rattled.


3 comments on “Moose hunt and other drama

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    September 7, 2009

    Oh, dear, this is the granddaughter of a woman who drank bleach. My folks kept their water in bleach bottles in a cabinet on the porch. In the dark, I went to the water cabinet, found a bottle on top so drank a big slug from that rather than bother with opening the cabinet. On the top of the cabinet, Mom kept bleach. Let me say, based on my experience, Jade probably didn’t consume much. Nice that she wanted to drink from the jar. Scary, indeed. As you said, “first” ride. Similar to her daddy’s first broken leg.
    Much love,

  2. Paige Jennifer
    September 9, 2009

    That photograph is beautiful. And Lucky clearly has earned her nickname.

  3. Amy
    September 11, 2009

    Terrific photo! I’m thinking of heading down the Denali Highway this weekend. I hope it’s just as beautiful!

    Miss you…

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