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Ahhhhhhhh, work

My writing in the paper has been hit or miss lately. I wrote a personality profile over the weekend that sucked. I wish they would have held it for more work. But the profiles run every Monday. I turned it in Sunday night. They cut the hell out of it and ran a lot of pictures.

I miss my old supervisor. My new supervisors are always busy and I feel guilty when I take their time. Another writer, who sits near me, said the same thing.

I think one of the supervisors doesn’t get me. He’s nice enough but I feel like I come across all wrong. I guess it takes time to build a relationship. Yesterday, I went to his office to respond to an e-mail he’d sent, and he stared at his computer screen during our conversation.

My old boss wasn’t like that. He’s an eye contact type of guy. And he usually seemed interested in what I was saying. Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t. But I felt acknowledged.

I desperately want health insurance. In the spring, I bumped up my hours to 30 per week so I could qualify. I’ve been working hard all summer. I was told I needed to maintain the schedule for three months before I qualified for insurance.

I went to see the human resources manager yesterday and now she tells me the waiting period is six months. WTF? So I found the e-mail she’d sent saying I had to wait three months, forwarded it to her and asked what she had meant. I’m still waiting for a reply.

Maybe I should just be happy to have a job. My aunt in Milwaukee has been looking for work for two years and is currently living in a Salvation Army homeless shelter.

I guess the family is hoping being homeless will make her try harder. Her letters are painful. She isn’t on drugs and hasn’t broken the law, but you’d think it by the way her son is acting. He discouraged the family from sending her money but I do it anyway. I also lean on her social workers. It doesn’t seem to help.

More than anything, what’s bothering me these days is the fact that there’s new day care providers at Lucky’s day care center every week. Can’t they hire and hang onto good people? Alec said he saw one of Lucky’s providers leaving the center in tears yesterday. When he went inside, the director was talking with a new girl about work hours.


2 comments on “Ahhhhhhhh, work

  1. Helena
    October 3, 2009

    I wish the government would subsidize day care for all, regardless of income. People shouldn’t have to choose between earning wages, and stay-at-home child care. And if they choose to earn wages, they shouldn’t have to constantly worry about what kind of establishment they’re entrusting with their child(ren)’s well-being. In my little utopia, there’s be decently-sized day care centers 1 mile apart in downtown/business districts so people could always find day care fairly close to where they work. It’d make the logistics of parenting a lot easier. It’d be better for the parents’ sanity, and the kids would be happier too.

    Your aunt breaks my heart, Amanda. OMG, what a son – to ask relatives NOT to help out. Sheesh!

    If I had an extra bedroom, I’d let her move in with me. She could certainly find some kind of work in this town.

  2. Titanium
    November 19, 2009

    Daycare is super tough in this town. It wrenched my heart out to leave my daughter in the hands of the high-turnover kid mills; the lesser of the evils was actually enrolling her in preschool at Hamilton Acres when she was three. Little turnover, gentle-mannered staff and a consistent environment… for that, even I could choke down the religious aspect.

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