Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Local politics

I spent Monday with the liberal/moderate candidate for mayor and today I hang with the conservative. She told me to bring a warm coat because the heat is not great in her car.

I’m an undecided voter so I relish the chance to spend a day with each candidate as I decide who to vote for. I guess this is one of the fringe benefits of being a journalist.

The race is between a well-connected Democrat and a home school mom who is a staunch conservative. Both serve on the Borough Assembly.

The Democrat has a long history in our town; a deliberative, thoughtful personality; the better resume; and a lot more financial support.

The conservative—some have called her a populist—has a lot of spunk and an outspoken, energetic following. She also seems more like the average Fairbanksan whereas some would consider the Democrat an elite.

Two of us are covering the race for the local paper. Somehow I’ve managed to claim the stories that are my favorite aspects of politics: the money, the endorsements, the personalities.


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