Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

The Party

I don’t know how we crammed all of the people—our best estimate is 50—into our house but we managed.

They all drove up here despite a temperature of 30 below zero.

It was loud, especially downstairs where the children blasted the boom box and held a ping pong tournament.

Only one dog fight erupted, and it took place in the bedroom so no one saw, thankfully. (On Sunday, I told Alec that I wasn’t sure we could continue to live with two dogs bent on killing each other.)

I kept losing my beer, or maybe I kept drinking it down without realizing it. Later, after the party, I lay in bed awake thinking of all of the alcohol consumed—enough to fill a few trash bags. I hoped everyone made it home OK.

My friend, Judy, took the pictures below.

Nanne and Gimbel.

Tuesday, Kenny and his daughter Zowie.

Thorston, Chris, Mountain Heather, who lives down the road, and me.

Dave sandwiched between two Jamies.

Danny and his Baby Grandma.

Tom and Tuesday.

Gene and one of his girls.

Tom and Chris, who hosted us at their cabin on the Salcha River on July 4.

John and Alec.

Todd, Tom, Gene and co.

Marmian, a friend and former co-worker, Lisa, my friend and former room-mate, and Jennifer, my friend.

Paul in the middle. I’m afraid I don’t know the other men’s names.

Jade and Cameron, whose family is our neighbor at Summit Lake.

Jade, my neighbor Erin, Andrea, my former landlord, and baby Kiera.


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