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So this is Christmas

It’s a few minutes before midnight and I am home after an assembly meeting, baking some of the six dozen cookies I need for a Cookie Exchange on Saturday.

I’m making lemon cookies with glaze from a recipe I found in a friend’s cook book while I watched our two children.

I meant to bake at the friend’s house earlier today but I wound up goofing off with the children.

I’d flop onto the floor and one would climb on my back, followed by the other. Or I’d swing each of them by their ankles, sending them away dizzy and giggling.

I had my teeth drilled today. I had a cavity. Two, actually. The dentist found the second cavity while working on the first one.

While in the dentist’s chair, I resolved to stop eating sweets. That lasted until I held a spatula coated in cookie dough and I automatically licked it.

I’m glad the holidays are here. The Christmas season is cheering me up from a November funk.

One comment on “So this is Christmas

  1. Madeleine Haley
    December 11, 2009

    Hang on to that Christmas high. Around here I’m known as Mrs. Christmas because I really do it up for the entire holiday season. Since I can’t smell the roses right now I’m “seeing the light” instead.

    Happy Holidays!

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