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Late on a Monday night

I type so loudly that when I do telephone interviews at work, sources often comment on my typing. I am bracing for Alec to wake up and come out of the bedroom scolding me for being up so late. It’s not that late really, about 11pm, but Al went to bed about four hours ago so for him it’s the middle of the night. He’s an ogre when awoken from his beauty sleep. When Jade was an infant who cried at all hours of the night, I had to sleep on the couch because he gets verbally hostile. Once I got into bed naked and snuggled up to him and he shouted, “Back off.” Did I mention I was naked? What guys does that?

It’s amazingly warm—above freezing—on Murphy Dome lately. And the sun is actually hanging out until dinner time. Another few weeks and there will be sun when I get up in the morning about 7 am. I’m starting to make plans, including a road trip to Anchorage, for spring. I promise to write a blog post the day it’s warm enough to slip my hands into the dirt and start gardening. That’s one of the best days of the whole year.

I am putting the new sewing table to good use when I am not working or looking for a new tenant for the rental property. Not many people look for housing during one of the coldest months of the year in one of the coldest cities in the nation. I am debating holding off until next month with hopes to access a better tenant pool. Often people who drive by the place don’t call back to see it and I am starting to wonder if I need to do something about its ‘curb appeal.’

We are planning to spend the coming weekend at the cabin in the Hoodoo Mountains. It’s been about a year since we went down there. Getting away will be lovely.


One comment on “Late on a Monday night

  1. Mountain Heather
    February 24, 2010

    Hey there! What ya sewing? So curious!

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