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Blame the sewing machine

I was shocked to see the last time I visited this place was Feb. 16. Sorry, readers. All I can say is that sewing curtains for the house, the cabin and the rental property takes a lot of time. So does finding new tenants. And raising a toddler and working a job three-quarters time.

And life is about to get a lot more interesting. We like Baby No. 1 so much that we are trying for Baby No. 2. If we succeed, there will be some changes around here because I have as many balls in the air as I can handle. Add another ball and the rest will go flying, some hitting me in the head.

Work is nutty ever since the mayor introduced an ordinance to fine people up to $500 for chimney smoke pollution. People, stirred up by conservative talk radio I am guessing, were shouting and mocking the elected officials at the last municipal meeting. Some were armed, I am told. I need to be more observant because I didn’t notice the guns. It’s allowed, by the way. Gun laws in Alaska are pretty liberal.

Potty training Jade is slow going. She happily sits on her potty seat. The problem is she doesn’t do anything. Last night, we let her run around in the buff, waiting for her to show signs of needing to “go.” She waited until I finally re-diapered her to do anything.

Sewing has become a real passion for me. I know curtains are considered easy to sew but making curtains has bolstered my confidence. I am ready to make a quilt. The following link is the quilt I have chosen, which I will make out of Jade’s old baby blankets. Here it is.

Things are looking more promising for my favorite aunt, who is homeless in Milwaukee. Her social worker is finally communicating with me. She is getting a neuropsychological examination next week, and the social worker is trying to get her into a housing and job program. I hope something pans out. Homelessness has plagued members of my family for decades. We were homeless twice growing up.


2 comments on “Blame the sewing machine

  1. Titanium
    March 4, 2010

    It’s great to have you back- so glad you dodged the unseen bullets (literal and figurative) that have been flying around town, lately.

    The quilt will be gorgeous- that pattern looks like fun.

  2. Marie
    March 16, 2010

    This is awesome news, a little brother or sister for Jade. She will love it. Cant wait to hear that your efforts have been successful.

    I like the quilt you are makeing, I do not have the patience for projects that take longer than a day. 🙂

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