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Glacier Boys begin their adventure

Me on a small plane making its way to Denali base camp

While I spent the day gallivanting in Anchorage, Alec and the Texan dragged 100-pound sleds behind them for about five hours to Denali’s Camp 1, where they are spending the night.

For dinner, I ate exquisitely-prepared tuna, halibut and duck at a swanky restaurant named Ginger. The Glacier Boys probably ate something requiring them to add hot water.

I am in a cozy hotel room with the heat set perfectly to my liking. The Glacier Boys slumber in a tent in down bags.

Traffic hums and sputters outside my window. I imagine the Glacier Boys hear perfect silence.

If the Denali weather report is accurate, the temperature at Camp 1 is about 0 degrees.

May peace be with the climbers.

My view from the aircraft

The Glacier Boys with their gear


2 comments on “Glacier Boys begin their adventure

  1. bottlewashingfairy
    May 8, 2010

    You are so gorgeous. Sweet writing with many a well-turned phrase. I love what you had to say about accepting Alec living his dreams. All is well here. Much love, the bottle washing fairy

  2. Mountain Heather
    May 10, 2010

    I love Ginger! Good to catch up a little. Anxiously await the latest update.

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