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Me again

Jade checking out the sleeping quarters for baby No. 2.

I’ve been trying to think of grand prose that would ease me back into blogging but I have none to offer so I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for my apologies for grossly neglecting the diaries all summer and the few musings I’ll manage to get down whilst swatting Jade’s hands because she wants to help type.

About 15 hours ago, I arrived back from a trip to northern Illinois to visit my family and to attend my 20-year class reunion. It was one of the best trips home in a long time. I saw tons of people—some who I haven’t laid eyes on in 20 years. I got to visit my aunt, who might be living on the streets were it not for the benevolence of the Catholic Church. I met with her social worker, a competent woman of about 50 who really seems to want to help. I visited twice with my dad, who told hilarious jokes and beamed with pride over Lucky. I even saw my sister and we had a warm connection.

I am home in time to help cover the election returns tonight because today is the municipal elections. I hope my brain, which is used to being in a different time zone, can keep working late into the night.

Alec leaves next week for a month-long climb in Nepal and the Bottle Washing Fairy will visit while he is gone.

Jade will have a third birthday soon.

Baby No. 2 is coming in January. The sex is going to be a surprise. So far, the names are likely to be Violet for a girl, unless I can convince Alec to change his mind about Naomi, and for a boy, Slate, which kind of sounds like a character in a Danielle Steel novel but Alec way digs it.

OK. That’s all I can mange for now. There is a stench coming from Jade’s diaper, and I should try to lie her down plus get a few winks for myself so I can survive the night.


2 comments on “Me again

  1. Paige Jennifer
    October 5, 2010

    So exciting! Congrats on peanut #2 on the way. And congrats on what I can only assume was a fantastic summer. Time away from the interweb is oftentimes a great break.

  2. Titanium
    October 7, 2010

    Congratulations! Welcome back… just in time for winter’s first spatter of snow.

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