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Three birthdays here and gone

Jade is 3, and I can’t help but feel the weight of time passing. I am six months pregnant and unsure of myself as the next phase of life bears down on me. Jade is oozing with bravado, curiosity, stubbornness and defiance.

We spent her third birthday painting pumpkins with friends, Grace and Audrey, from the next block over.

The pumpkin painting didn’t go as I had imagined. Jade tried to drink the water that I gave her to dip her brush into and she preferred painting her hands to painting pumpkins. The paint looked dull on the pumpkins but bright on her skin.

I had imagined an idyllic scene. Four artists peacefully concentrating on their masterpieces. Instead, I spent my time managing the affair and making sure the paint splatters stayed in the garage.

A birthday party with three or four other toddlers is happening Thursday on Murphy Dome. I hope I can pull it off. I decorated the house for Halloween, planned a menu and bought some little toys for prizes.

I am thinking about making the frosting on the cake orange colored and declaring the party costume-optional.

We also spent part of the weekend getting ready for the arrival of Lucky’s grandma, otherwise known as the Bottle Washing Fairly.

I am thinking about bunking them together for the Bottle Washing Fairy’s stay, in which she plans to bounce back and forth between Murphy Dome and her cabin in the woods about 20 miles away.

(Here is Lucky playing dress up.)


One comment on “Three birthdays here and gone

  1. Sarah
    November 6, 2010

    I was wondering about the painted pumpkins when we came over for Jade’s party. That’s a good idea to paint faces, much safer than using knives. I like how the 3 girls are wearing orange shirts too–cute!

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