Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Things you remember

I encountered a strange woman in the post office a year or two ago. She looked at me and she looked at Lucky and she said, “That girl is going to work you over.”
I think about that encounter sometimes and I wonder if the strange woman was a clairvoyant.
Alec is coming home any day after five weeks in Nepal climbing an obscure mountain called Ama Dablam. It’s an ugly, lumpy thing with a 22,000-foot peak that the mountaineers ooed and ahhed over during the base camp trek. I don’t see all of the hoopla. When I told my friend Marmian which mountain Alec was climbing, she thought he was “on a dumb blonde.”
Jade, newly 3, still has no use for the toilet and there’s no sign she ever will. I am preparing myself for homeschooling her in three years since you have to use the potty to go to Kindergarten. I wonder what kind of wedding dresses are best for young woman whose moms never managed to toilet train them. One of my family legends is that an aunt had to potty train me because I was so difficult. When my mom got me back using the potty, my sister says no questions were asked.
My belly keeps growing. People say I look good but I think it’s a little bit of pity. We have to be nice to pregnant women to maintain the human race.


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