Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

The storm

Today was day two waiting out a freak ice storm. No work. No appointments. No play group. Just me, Lucky and Alec and thankfully a working oven, a laptop and a sewing machine.

Our neighbor came by today and said there’s a sheet of ice on the road to town about an inch thick.

I am curious about what’s happening in my community. It feels strange not being connected. I see on tv news clips that some people are flouting advice from authorities to stay home. The schools are closed and so are most public buildings.

This happened about six or seven years ago in December. Ice covered everything. You couldn’t walk to your car without slipping. I think I spent the extra time on my hands getting drunk. That winter, I was spending time with a guy who was going through a bad breakup. I’ll never forget that he got me a wooden bear pin for my birthday. I was underwhelmed.

I made Alec a cake for his 45th birthday today but I had no gift, which felt really lame. Now he’s in bed feeling sick from the corned beef for dinner. I bet he’s thinking right now that he’s had better birthdays. At least the cake was a carrot cake, his favorite.


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