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Crafty me

If there ever was a weekend to take my kid outside to play, this one was it. It was above freezing on the heels of the coldest December in 30 years. But mostly I wanted to lie in bed. I’d get up periodically to wash dishes or swap the bed sheets or some random chore and then I was back down for an hour or so. Man, I feel pathetic.

The only worthwhile thing I did was make this bag out of recycled Capri Sun juice packages. It was super easy and gave me a sense of accomplishment. I made a smaller one for Jade. My New Year’s resolution is to make all of the birthday and holiday gifts I give this year. The Capri Sun bag makes me feel like I am off to a decent start. And the materials were essentially free because all I had to do was detour the juice packages in our household from the trash to a bag on the counter top.

But poor Jade. She was bored today. She needed something fun to break up her day. I was no help. I spent most of my time scolding her for climbing all over me. The occasional knee in the back or elbow in the eye is wearing on me. Especially since there’s another child taking up residence in my body, pushing on my bladder, causing my back to ache and disturbing my sleep.

I’ll need to find a way to make it up to my girl. She’s such a sweetie and I was a grouch today.

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