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Weird news of 2010

I wrote the summaries for the stories the editors at my paper chose as the top news in Fairbanks of 2010. Here’s the link.

It got me thinking about what 2010 stories I would highlight if I were in charge, so I offer you my list of weird Fairbanks news of 2010.

Some of the stories are flat-out funny and some are just plain sad.

The author of most, if not all, of the stories is police beat report Chris Freiberg, who is fleeing Alaska in the coming weeks for warmer weather in Arkansas. He’ll be missed owing to his appreciation of the bizarre. He says he looks forward to spending less time writing about oddballs and their antics, but I suspect he’ll be bored if he doesn’t get to write about the occasional weird event.

1) Fairbanks sees first bestiality case

2) Panhandlers arrested after turf fight with masked man

3) Militia leader serves judge

4) Cab driver eyes covered while driving 50 mph

5) Naked man causes ruckus in hotel, Denali National Park

6) Census worker reports bulldozer threat

7) Fall on the ice in Alaska brings $250K payout

8)) Taco toss puts Fairbanks man in jail

9) Man faces charge of attempted murder of an unborn child

10) Troopers rescue suicidal man from overpass

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