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Another day in paradise

Waking up next to this mug is a highlight of my day.

I felt drowsy after dinner so I powered my way through the rest of the evening—spent bathing Jade, dressing her for bed and nursing Slate—by eating handfuls of chocolate chips and now I am wide awake, listening to the wind beat on the house, the dog snore, the baby grunt, the man flip and flop on the bed and the toddler occasionally cry out and then doze off again.

I was just looking at old pictures that I had posted on Facebook. Pictures of Lucky when she was a baby. THE baby. I often carried her on my back. She hardly had any hair. It feels like a long time ago. Now I lecture her on picking her nose and being sassy. She has a crazy mane of blonde locks and she is old enough to ask me to braid them.

My daughter is curious, brave, friendly and funny. And the boy. What will he be like when he is 3? The medical staff at our clinic think he will be active like his sister. The assessment is based on his alertness and the way he kicks his arms and legs I guess. I can tell you he likes to sleep in front of the wood stove. He likes to be held facing forward so he can check out the action. He’s a boob man. If he’s fussy, I just need to take him outside for a walk and he mellows out. That worked with Lucky too.

I think a lot about summer coming and carrying Slate on my back in the woods when he is strong enough to hold up his head. I think about gardening with Lucky. Maybe she’ll have her own little patch. We decided to replace the chickens but then I changed my mind. Now I want to reverse my position. We could get some baby chicks in May.

Alec is planning a Denali expedition in June. He’ll lead a climb involving friends from South Africa. The best thing about the climbs is that Alec gets into shape after a winter of eating too many sweets.



One comment on “Another day in paradise

  1. Lisa
    May 16, 2011

    You have no idea how badly I want some semblance of this. I could cry (and have done so) for how badly I want it. You are so lucky…

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