Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

A Spring day in photos

I worked on a sewing project this morning. It's a gift for Lucky's friend who is turning 3.

After lunch, when the temperature surpassed 40, I hit the trails with my kids.

We visited a neighbor. Grace, age 10, sat perched on her roof doing her school work. Audrey, age 8, is walking out the door to greet us.

The girls came over. We baked a banana coffee cake and they played games on the deck with Lucky.

With the Chilkoot Trail on my mind, I hit the trails again before dinner. This time, I carried Jade on my back. At about 30 pounds, she is the weight of the backpack I would need to carry on the 33-mile hike.

My nights are spent breastfeeding Slate. He eats from about 5pm or 6pm until 9pm or 10pm with some 10-minute breaks interspersed.

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