Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.


The aftermath of a chocolate ice cream cone.

Jade plowed through a chocolate ice cream cone at Hot Licks after we spent the afternoon yesterday weeding two flower beds under the blazing sun. My hands and feet are filthy.

Grandma looked after Slate. It was only the second time the boy and I have been apart. They did great. When Jade and I got home, Slate was snug in his grandma’s arms. He showed no interest in coming to me. I realized it was the first time someone had held Slate for hours. With two kids, I don’t have the luxury. Isn’t that a little sad?

Alec came home with a big bag full of baby toys that a friend whose children are older had given him. It felt like a wonderful act of generosity until Jade began exploring the toys. They all make noise. Obnoxious noise. Now I think the “friend” must hate us.

Grandma stayed for dinner—chili mac—and after dinner she talked business with Alec while I lay on the floor. I was supposed to go on a hike but gravity took over.

I have a date tonight with Alec. Dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, we plan to go to the hardware store. Maybe we’ll park somewhere on the way home and make out, who knows?

Slate fell asleep in his grandma's arms.

Lucky and her brother play with some new toys.


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