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A picture of Lucky on a Scrabble tile made by a crafter in Idaho.

I permit myself a few indulgences in life and one of them is Etsy, a Web mall dedicated to handmade items, such as hats, jewelry and hand bags—anything you would see at a craft bazaar—made by crafters from around the world.

Many nights I am satisfied just to look at the items, handmade lace wedding dresses, hats knitted from wool, fairy dolls for grownups or silk hair ornaments. Sometimes I can’t resist an item and I buy, which is the case with the necklace in the picture.

Several of my friends have asked me where I had the necklace made. I stumbled on this cute and clever shop, Frilly Chili, not long ago and I gave it a try. I’m glad I did. I love my new necklace with a picture of my best girl on a Scrabble tile.

It cost only $12 and came in a tiny padded envelope with sweet little stamps featuring tea pots, Zeus and a wedding cake.

One of the reasons I love shopping on Etsy is the customer service and this seller did not disappoint. I heard from the seller within a day after paying for the item via PayPal.

The seller was kind enough to compliment the picture of Lucky and sent me a draft of how the picture might be cropped. I asked for a change and it was promptly made.

I wish I had made this post before Fathers Day because I think a personalized necklace is a potential Fathers Day gift idea, but it’s not too late for Grandparents Day, which falls on Sept. 11 this year.

By the way, the Scrabble tile necklaces need not be personalized. Check out this one with a tree. I have my eye on it.


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