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Denali as seen from the top of our road.

The wife of the weatherman next door said this has been the coldest January on Murphy Dome in all of the 15 years that she has lived here. The thermometer reads minus 21 degrees below zero as I sit here typing at the dining room table, a granite table and it’s cool to the touch despite the roaring fire in the nearby wood stove. I have a blanket draped over my shoulders. Today it was colder on the hill than it was in town. It’s supposed to be warmer at this elevation. That’s why we all put up with the 20-mile commute to town involved with living here.

So, in the spirit comfort and happiness, we booked a family trip to Maui. I think we stumbled onto the last available condo on the island next month. The place is totally booked. I spent hours on the Internet looking for a place to stay, and we were resigned to having to stay in one condo for a few days and than move our family to another condo when there was a cancellation and we snapped it up. I am so excited that I am already packed. And I’ve started doing abdominal exercises every night with hopes it will tighten up my flabby belly.

Tomorrow is Slate’s birthday. He turns 1. We plan to celebrate with cheeseburgers, French fries, balloons, presents, and a white cake with almond flavoring that I like and I hope Slate likes it too. He’s a sweet boy. He still likes getting kisses and loving from his mama and I am grateful for that because I hear from some of my mama friends that boys don’t like a lot of kisses and hugs.

Lucky helped me wrap up his presents, a dinosaur puzzle, a school bus with little people and a dump truck. I didn’t mean to buy so much because we are wallowing in toys around here from Christmas but I couldn’t help myself. Slate also has a box from Grandma Carolyn that came in the mail today. And the Bottle Washing Fairy will be here to celebrate and she has presents as well. Maybe I will put some toys away in a box for a few weeks. The kids will be more excited to play with toys they haven’t seen in awhile.

The day after tomorrow we say good-bye to the Bottle Washing Fairy after a long visit. I was getting used to having her around and I have a feeling it’s going to feel like a member of the family moved away. But there is talk of a long visit in Oregon at her hoped-for house near the beach this summer.

There is supposed to be an epic northern lights display tonight, and I keep looking out the window but I see nothing. No moon. No stars. Just a black abyss. Stupid clouds. Wait. I think I can make that into a haiku.

I look for the lights,
but I see nothing, no moon,
no stars, just abyss.

My first haiku!

Me and Alec out hiking on Murphy Dome.

My little painter.

One comment on “Maui-Wowie

  1. creativeblock13
    January 26, 2012

    In regards to your concern about “kisses from the boy”, to share my Momma experiance, 3 girls, all stopped the PDA by 1st grade, home kisses by 10 (I still have another year with Lucy and I’m eating it up as much as I can with the count down until November), the unwillingness to shop in the mall with me by 13 (again I still have time with Lucy). My son, 8 now, still gives me kisses at home and in public, blows me kisses at the bus every morning and inisists he gets 2 kisses every night before bed. I also ask him if he will be my lil man forever and he still tells me yes.
    Enjoy your trip, sounds amazing.

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