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My Thursday

6:15am – Wake up and drink coffee.
6:30am – Wake up Monkey No. 2, the boy.
6:45am – Wake up Monkey No. 1, the girl.
7:00am – Serve breakfast and get dressed while the monkeys eat.
7:15am – Dress the monkeys.
7:30am – Load the car.
7:45am – Leave for town.
8:30am – Drop off the boy at the babysitter.
8:45am – Report to ABC Preschool for parent aide duty. It’s Beach Party day. Spend the morning playing with 4-year-olds, preparing for activities, guiding children through activities and cleaning up following activities.
11:45am – Clean up the preschool.
12:30pm – Pick up the boy.
1:00pm – Feed the girl lunch and drop her off at the Fred Meyer Playland. Meet a friend at the store’s Starbucks for lunch (with Slate.)
2:00pm – Go to a liquor store across town to buy a bottle of wine for a friend turning 50.
2:30pm – Pick up some laundry at the rental property and head home.
3:30pm – Put a chicken in the oven, put away the laundry and sew a cloth bag for the bottle of wine.
6:00pm – Make some pasta and a salad.
6:30pm – Serve dinner.
7:00pm – Get the monkeys ready for bed.
7:30pm – Read a story and tuck in the monkeys.
8:00pm – Collapse on the couch.


One comment on “My Thursday

  1. Auntie Lia
    March 23, 2012

    Wow, you run a tight ship. Sounds like a day filled with fun for all. I hope you and Jade enjoy coop preschool as much as the boys and I did. Kudos & keep up the great work!

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